throwback : december 2015

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  so, 2015 was one of my most memorable year. not only it was my spm year, aka my either-pass-with-flying-colors-or-die exam but also the year where i finished my high school year. i didnt intend to stay for senior three because i think it wasnt necessary although i can only get the "formal" and proper graduation certificate via staying for whole six years, thus i only get the school leaving certificate. and not staying for senior three also meaning i will never get to wear that graduation gown. but anyways my determination of not staying for senior three still won at the end no matter how much ive been wanted to stay for senior three and have fun.

  oh well, lets skip all the bullshit way to the holiday part, shall we? during late november, vivian and i had a sudden thought of going to KL together after we finished spm. so we went to ask our parents and her aunt too, because we need a guidance (?) to help us with all the hotel-booking stuff if we wanted to go for trip since we're still underage. surprisingly, we booked the air ticket at day after, im amazed at how spontaneous we were wtf.

  our KL trip was from dec 8th till dec 13th if i didnt recall wrongly because homegirl have some issues with remembering things here :p our hotel was the mandarin oriental hotel, IT IS LOCATED JUST BESIDE KLCC which is super super convenient wtf. we just have to walk like what 2 minutes and then we're in KLCC already, 10/10. and the hotel is just bomb. i looooooooove the hotel holy crap. its like so damn pretty, in a chinesy way. 

the stairs in the lobby, i was like WAH DAMN PRETTY *takes picture*
the pool view from our hotel room

panorama view of the pool 
  frankly speaking, their breakfast buffet is super bomb. it costs like rm40+ per person super costly but VERY WORTH IT. and we only had the chance to "discover" their pool on the last day like 2 hours before we had to head to airport AND WE'VE ALREADY CHECKED OUT. sigh.

the swarovski chirstmas tree in pavilion
  because the 9th of dec was my birthday, and actually nothing really special about it. birthday is really an insignificant event of me. but i was like damn surprised when the hotel sent in a birthday cake alongside with a birthday letter on the 12th of dec. HAHAHA. another reason for me to rate 10/10, best BEST.

so damn touched leh 
  oh and one of the highlight was I MET MR. TUN MAHATHIR aka our former prime minister HAHAH. we were walking back to klcc from pav and all of a sudden the ground floor was packed with people, so chaotic i swear. then bam turned up it was our former prime minister, i mean, i dont really fancy politician but since there's like tons of people, i decided to also gehboh and intended to take a picture of him and of course i cannot la. so short plus theres like so many people. then i went upstairs and tried to just watch his head (lol) from upstairs loh, i was standing beside the escalator THEN HE ALSO WENT UP VIA THE ESCALATOR. ok so the its fate HAHHAHA.

please take a look at HOW MANY PEOPLE were at the downstairs

walau i took the picture like i was in the front row of a concert leh damn
  nothing special really happened the next few days. basically this trip was just buy and eat and buy and eat. lel.

  on the last day of our trip, her aunt didnt head back KK with us, she had a flight to other place instead so we bid our goodbyes at the early morning. then we head to the airport at like 2pm when our flights are like at 5pm wtf OKAY. then never mind loh better early than late mah right, then whats even more unfortunate is DELAYED FLIGHT due to heavy rain. urgh. i swear i dont even know how i spend nearly 5 hours in the airport. plus my phone was running out of battery, made me even more mad HAHAHA.

so near but feels so far because we cant board yet

this is what you do when you had a delayed flight and the airport is boring af.
  and then we arrived KK at approximately 10pm. WHAT EVEN. i had a terrible flu the day after we came back and had headache for almost a week. wewww. soooooooooo i guess thats the end of my holiday trip post!! ciao! 


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